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Why OER?

My question is why the concept of Open Education Resources (OER) has been started. If I review the current OER benefits, I can enumerate few points. The first thing about OER appears that if the study materials, that reside in the public domain, are under a Creative Commons license, it gives an ethical standpoint to the readers who are accessing the materials. The study materials can be anything from a class handout or an image to a whole textbook, lessons plan, a learning software, videos, games or an academic online course. Second thing comes that OER saves students' money, and it removes financial barriers to access the academic materials at low cost or sometimes with no cost. Some studies say that OER addresses the debt issue of the students. Third point is that faculty members have the opportunity to select or modify a text as per their needs. Here the licensing seems effective because the faculty members can revise, remix, redistribute, retain and reuse course resources which are under open copyright licenses. The open copyright licenses are the limits. The creator of a text assigns the degrees of openness using the open licenses.

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