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Some Creative Writing for a Change

I know it isn't the usual blog post, but I thought I would attempt to post some creative writing that I did a little while ago. I used to write a lot when I was younger, but lately any attempts at creative writing (especially poetry) have felt very contrived and "fake" - like I am putting on some act of being a poet. This poem kind of arose out of that very feeling. It has a little bit of rhyme and rhythm at points, but is mostly free-verse. I hope you enjoy it, or even just a piece of it.

I can’t do things unless I’m good at them

You might ask why I write this song then

And it’s because it’s been a long



time since I’ve tried to be someone

Someone who could paint or write or feel

Express things with a brush, or steal

Steal ideas right out of their brain

Take them somewhere

To beat out the pain

Instead of letting them stew for a long



Time, like something I’ve left on the stove

Something that becomes bitter and black

Something that you can’t take back

I think about how it would be nice

To make something new with your hands

To put your feelings somewhere they can stay and become sweet

But instead, I’ll just let them rot for a long



time in my head,

‘cause there’s nothing good to be said

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