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Social Media and the Inclusion of English in Personal Space

This thought appeared while I was trying to find the reasons for the rise of English in the Global South Countries. One main reason of the many is the social network that computer technology and internet started to make available for people towards the end of the 1990s. Previously, there existed pen friends in which people were making friends with unknown foreign people. That was also popular but there needed weeks, months, years to communicate between persons through surface mail and then, more time required to develop an effective social network among them. Telegram, telephone, and express mail were later innovation for communication and personal network. The situation was getting different with facsimile and later the innovation of email. These all developed a connectivity and were bridging communication among nations. However, these facilities were available to a certain privileged group of people in each country. In some countries, special approvals were necessary to have a telephone line or a facsimile at home. Telegram was available at the district telephone office or at the main/big post offices.

The situation now is totally different. Computer technology and internet has brought a flexible, almost free, and available social media. We see the popular social networking platform getting introduced early in the twenty-first century such as LinkedIn in 2003, Facebook in 2004, YouTube in 2005, Twitter in 2006, YouTube and many more which have been attractive, funny, addictive and they are carrying many more adjectives. People engage themselves for hours in these social media network and in these and many other platforms, the preferred language of communication is English. Along with, these media authorities are continuously studying the mind of their customers and they are bringing many innovative dimensions so that people must not leave these media and people must remain their infatuated. These media are continually updating their platforms with movie, cartoons, games, comics, learning video, basic to advance level information on almost all topics. The media have been using the best (Artificial Intelligence) tools to understand their audience and trying to provide attractive contents for all. The media are creating attraction and interest in people, and they surf the media to know, see and understand the new. The gateway to see the new is English. This is the point where social media is stamping English in people's personal space, culture and in their way of life. At the same focal point, people are embracing English to grasp the social media network and to keep the world in their hand palm. This is a kind of win-win situation.

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