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Reviewing NVivo in Light of its Relevance for CADS/DH

As the field of Computer-Assisted Discourse Studies (CADS) within Digital Humanities is gaining momentum, there is a growing need for tools and methods that can help researchers explore complex sets of textual data. As a result, the demand for software that can support CADS research is increasing, and many new programs and applications are emerging to meet this need. Among these NVivo. NVivo is a powerful qualitative data analysis software developed by QSR International. It is designed to help researchers organise, analyse and find insights in unstructured or qualitative data, such as interviews, surveys, social media posts, and other textual or multimedia data.

The software offers a wide range of features and tools to support the analysis of qualitative data, including:

  • Importing and organising data: NVivo allows easy import of data from various sources, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PDFs, audio and video files, and social media platforms.

  • Coding and analysing data: NVivo offers a range of tools to organise datasets using codes and annotations and memos to record thoughts and insights. Coding tools enable categorising and tagging data in a way that reflects a vast wrath of potentially intricate research questions using various coding techniques. The software also provides powerful searching and query tools to facilitate the exploration and identify patterns and relationships.

  • Visualising and reporting findings: NVivo enables better data visualisation in various ways, such as charts, graphs, and mind maps. The software can be also used to generate reports and summaries of the findings, including visualizations and text-based reports.

In conclusion, NVivo is a valuable tool for researchers in the Digital Humanities and beyond. With its advanced coding and analysis features, NVivo allows users to uncover patterns and insights that might not be immediately apparent in large sets of unstructured data. Whether you are new to qualitative data analysis or an experienced researcher, NVivo offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools to help you make sense of your data and generate meaningful insights.

NVivo software interface for new projects.

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