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One is not born rather becomes a woman

Immensely blessed to have an Indian society where the length of skirt fathoms the character of a girl, where the red stains of paan on the temple wall would not bother the orthodox Indians but red stains on her pants do pester them. It hardly matters if men have engaged in pre-marital sex, not an issue at all, but Yes! it is taboo for a woman.

Ever since the birth of a girl child till her funeral, she is told to uphold the culture and tradition for she is a woman. Sons have always been preferred over daughters. They are free to wear anything, independent to spill out n number of arguements; Nobody is going to question them if they return home by 12 in the midnight. The girls, on the other hand, are terribly marginalised. They are not allowed to hangout with the guys not even with her friend on the pretext that it is not cup of tea for good girls. Unluckily, if she happens to be late in the evening, definitely she is called on the red carpet. Rifle is pre-loaded with questions to fire on her.

Lets call a spade a spade, menstruation, which is a biological phenomena, is considered to be a taboo. A menstruating woman is not allowed to touch the pickle, she is not permitted to get in religious places as they are declared to be defiled. Besides, the wolf whistles, the "hey baby's" and the guys saying, "YOU'RE TO PRETTY not to smile", are humiliations that enforces a woman to curse on her gender. The rascals would pass on lewd comments and the saddening part is that it is too embarassing for a girl to turn around and smack the shit out of him. Even if she does, society is there to cast doubt on her. She is taught to shut her mouth as "What other people will think about her?". She is not allowed to raise her voice on the pretext that she is someone else's asset.

Boys are exempted from the bounds to choose a life partner of their own choice but if a girl dares to do so, that naturally goes against the culture and tradition of the family. Perhaps, "HONOUR", "TRADITION", are always in standby to haunt down the spirits of a girl. "Why so?, Don't the girls have the right to enjoy their lives?", or "Are they horses merely bound to a stable?". Just because of the gender why they are sidelined.

No, its not the turn of epilogue rather the story begins when a girl is married. "What the hell your parents have taught to you?", men being dominant, have the full right to curse, abuse and keep her under the thumb whereas if a woman dig her heels in, the bow is directly arrowed against her parents. Are the women merely a tool to satisfy the brutal appetite of men and a bond-slave to serve their in-laws.

It was observed that India is ranked second lowest rate of working women in the G20. AH!, the first thing you are going to strike is, "Are the Indian women so dumb or numb?" but who knows that what actually a woman has to face when is out.

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