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Intrusion of English on Bengali

I raise a debatable topic. The relationship between Bangladesh people and English is deeper than usually measured in the scale of the number of speakers in the country. English dominates public, private, corporate and business sectors. Almost every child of the country encounters the alphabets of the language. Likewise, parents desire their children to be efficient in the language.

I show Bangladeshi people using English words as Bangla words without recognizing them. I am listing randomly few of many English words below which the literate and the illiterate people use as oral Bangla words:

Bottle, fridge, deep fridge, television, radio, card, road, taxi, motor, cycle, hotel, coffee, tea, restaurant, roast, footpath, football, ball, stadium, confectionary, prize, cash, cashier, conductor, driver, counter, bus, taxi, train, rail line, station, steamer, launch, speedboat, fire service, pen, paper, table, chair, furniture, bag, garments, shirt, pants, bridge, kerosene, diesel, petrol, building, essay, laser, radar, plane, helicopter, guard, nightguard, caretaker, guarantee, court, warrant, degree, criminal, judge, police.

Theoretically, many speakers in Bangladesh can talk against English as a colonial language and its hegemony on the indigenous language. The fact is that English words are silently sliding into Bangla language. The power of English shows eventually through oral and written Bangla language.

Private and corporate offices are more prone to accept writing in English. Sometimes, the aspects are compulsory if they have an involvement with foreign partners. An employee in a corporate office can not say that he does not know English because English is not our language.

The reality is that someone who is more competent in English is more acceptable inside the office environment in Bangladesh.

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