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It is not sickness that I am afraid of

It is not disease that makes me tingle

It is not the number of days and

periods I go hungry that makes me shiver

It is your demise that makes gloomy

I never knew I had this feeling for you until now

I never knew how invaluable you are

Until the eyes of my pen were opened

I never knew I was living with a god in human

I never knew I dinned with oke nwoke

many people think your death is a serious tragedy to this land

many think it is the wrong time for our hero to rest

many are already envisaging literary retribution in the land

but we know that you are not dead

my family loves you

my kindred adore you

my villagers reverence you

my town cherishes you and

my state magnifies you

an epitome of peace has departed

literature par excellence is gone

the quintessence of justice is gone

Ojezuru mba has slept

Ije oma

A tribute, remembering a great literary scholar and giant, Chinua Achebe

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